"the only thing better than being away,
is being together

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P L E A S E      S E L E C T     F R O M      T H E    D I F F E R E N T    R O O M S   O R    A R E A S


-  T H E    E X T E R I O R S

   The Front & The Front Yard
Noteworthy features are that all the exterior products used are engineered, with some of them carrying life time warranties. No painting, no staining, except for the front door and the garage doors. The two-car garage was added 2 years after the renovation.
   The Deck
One noteworthy feature of the decking & the railing is that they're engineered to last a lifetime. But perhaps the main story here is the two distinctive seating areas, with the eating area being complimented with a custom built-in gas grill.
   The Patio
The patio also features two distinctive seating areas. Stealing the show is the one showcasing an outdoor wood burning fireplace as well as a wood fired pizza oven - all in one! Needless to say, this is where all the action is during the summer months.
   The Backyard
The backyard is still a work in progress, but most of its greatest focal points are already in place: a floating dock, a fire pit, endless stone walls, low-maintenance landscaping. Yet another seating area was recently repaired and slightly enlarged to accommodate a double chaise lounge.


-  T H E    U P P E R    F L O O R
(Not Yet Re-Photographed)

The Master Suite
Rather small, but still large enough for a comfortable custom king size bed. Definitely inviting.
   The Master Bathroom
In term of square footage, again rather small in today's standard.  But somehow, it manages to deliver everything of what you would expect of a master bath. The vanity was built from leftover reclaimed chestnut flooring. 

The Hall's Bathroom

Aka the kids bathroom. Cozy, warm and also inviting, with yet another custom design built vanity.
This one is made of hickory.


The Foyer & The Catwalk
What's to say here, except maybe "A picture is worth a thousand words"?

The Laundry Room

...gets the job done.


-  T H E    M A I N    F L O O R

The Kitchen And Dining Areas
Quarter-sawn white oak cabinetry, with full 1" thick doors, limestone countertops are featured in this craftsman style kitchen renovation.
The Lounge & Study Areas
While the exterior is all engineered products, the interior is nothing but raw materials - Stone, wood, wrought iron.
All of the wood is antique and reclaimed.

The Half Bath

This vanity is made out of a disposed armoire found on a curb in White Plains. The countertop is limestone. The two wall cabinets are built from leftover flooring and one old mirror.


-  T H E    L O W E R   L E V E L
(aka The Basement)

The Man Cave
Oh yeah. The famous man cave.
I think we actually invented the term back in the mid 80s.
No kidding.
   The Guest Bedroom
Actually, we prefer to call it the MP Room - the multi purpose room.
Why wasting an entire room only for seldom guests?!?
This room also doubles as a massage room.
Once in a while.

The Guest Bathroom
Other professional photographers that came here over time would say it was their favorite room. The vanity is actually a repurposed piece of furniture, with a new limestone countertop.



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