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October 19th 2018 Update

The ALL New 1812 Modern Farmhouse, South Salem NY









January 6th 2018 Update

The Peninsula

Essential component of a deconstructed kitchen. it will also be the divider between the kitchen and the family area. A great find at this antique store you might say.




Our Color Palette

Partly due to a wide mix of wood species and their conditions, all of our existing and 'new' exposed posts, beams and ceiling joists will be stained a light grey, as shown in this picture. All the walls will be clad with white shiplap hemlock boards reclaimed from the old roof. Some of our custom cabinetry work is being built with the wood left in its natural state, as shown. And finally, on the far right is an actual existing post from the 1812 structure.


The Main Floor

The kitchen will be located in the foreground, followed by the family room and finally a bar in the background.







The 'Foyer'

Flooring has been removed to open up the tight entrance and create instant spaciousness, all the way to the roof.


The Oak Master Suite

One of the two master suite. Named after the flooring. Leads to a walk-in closet, followed by a Jack & Jill bathroom.





The Chestnut Master Suite

You guessed it, the flooring in this one is American Chestnut. Both bedrooms will feature the bed perfectly centered under the three smaller windows. Both will also have exposed brick walls.


Double Duty

The 'new' beams are more than a  mere architectural element; they also provide housing for the lighting and ceiling fans.












DaVinci Roofing

50 years warranty!
That nearly completed, all natural stone new chimney standing tall in the background sure looks great as well.


Roof Installation Begins







Chimney Stone Work Detail


The All New Fireplace

Includes all too absolutely necessary and most often-neglected make-up air.








Installing The Main Beam

Not an easy task. 8" x 10", 23' long white oak. I think roughly 600 lbs.
Actually, that is the plumber there, just before the beam installation.



Retirement overrated, except in this case. Out with the old 900 lbs smelly oil boiler and in with the new ultra efficient 140 lbs wall hung combination (heat & hot water all in one) gas unit. Same fate for the hot water storage tank and the oil tank as well. That is a lot of new found free space.





The Diving Board

Just like in the old pirate movies when the evil sailor was sent off to kiss the sea. In this case, the ramp, the ladders and the platform surrounding the chimney were all necessary temporary evils to rebuild the new stone chimney.


Roof Work






Roof Work


Roof Work








Honey, I Feel a Breeze, Did You Leave The Window Open?


205 Years Old And Still Standing

Remarkable, considering the undersized 3" x 4" rafters were spaced 24" apart. Looks like match sticks to me.







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