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"The   dictionary  is  the  only place
where success comes  before  work."

- Arthur Brisbane, American Journalist.  More Quotes Please!


    Collecting Rainwater from Roofs
04.16.17. by OnTheHouse. At the Absolute Green Home in South Salem, N.Y. (which won the “Best Renovation of the Year Award” in 2015 from Green Builder® Media), when it comes to rainwater collection, the owners have their neighbors over a barrel. Literally.


Bob Vila    Step Inside a 1930s Beach House Revamped for the 21st Century
09.20.16. by Donna Boyle Schwartz. A beautiful weekend home uses sustainable building practices to earn Energy Star and LEED Platinum certifications; features an energy-efficient, thoroughly modern heating and cooling system.


The Beach House Wins An Award!
01.23.16  by Sylvain Côté - Green Builder® Media, the leading media company in North America focusing on green building and sustainable living, recently announced the winners of its 8th Annual Green Home of the Year Awards.
The Beach House won Best Renovation Of The Year.



Green & Cozy: Renovated Lakefront Cottage
08.25.15. by Bill Cary. Builder and designer Sylvain Côté has taken a rundown early 1930s beach house on Lake Truesdale and turned it into a stylish showpiece of environmental efficiency and good design. The green bona fides include Energy Star and platinum-level LEED certification and a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 30.
- Lots of pictures here! I counted 33 of them.



From Plain Jane To Knockout
06.07.14. by Karen Croke.  A modest cottage has been remade into an elegant, environmentally friendly beach house. For more than two years, Sylvain Côté has been painstakingly rethinking, redesigning and rebuilding a beach cottage on the shores of Lake Truesdale.
The online version sports a different headline than the one above...Otherwise same article.



Transformation, Revisited
06.03.14. by Natalie Wightman. This existing octagon house has been transformed into a multiple Award Winning green home.
It is a blueprint for healthy, comfortable, and sustainable living.
 - This project was originally completed and photographed in 2008, but we felt the pictures didn't do justice to the space, so we re-photographed the entire home (actually the upper floor has yet to be re-shoot). Enjoy.



Beach House Dreams Come True
March & April 2014 Issue. by Elyse Cooper, Roofing Magazine.
Smart Roofing Selection Helps A New York House Beach Lofty Sustainability Goals. If you are using a mobile device, for some reasons, the spread may not display properly. Please try again with your desktop!
Nice quotes here and overall an informative article. Gotta love the two page spread!



An Unfinished Basement in Bedford Transformed
03.12.14. by Nancy L. Claus. An unfinished basement in Bedford was transformed into a 2,200-square-foot family retreat at a fraction of the cost of a similar-sized addition. “It is far cheaper to heat and cool a basement than an addition,” says South Salem designer Sylvain Côté. “Plus, property taxes on a finished basement are 50 percent less than space above ground.”



Curb-Less Appeal
02.28.14. by Jenny Higgons. "A shower style that was conceived more than 50 years ago for the physically disabled has evolved into one of today's hottest bathroom-design trends."


Seeing Green: Environmentally Sound Home Design Gains Momentum   

Seeing Green: Environmentally Sound Home Design Gains Momentum

08.18.13. by Karen Roberts. Green Houses - Our project is featured in this online article. The printed version (Sunday August 18th) is even nicer, showing the house as the cover photo, as you can see here with our thumbnail.
A couple of my quotes here are not quite exactly what I said, but overall a great article.


Paraco LP Gas Green Builder Spotlight: Absolute Green Homes  

Green Builder Spotlight: Absolute Green Homes
01.21.13. by Lisa Sperow. "He's creating environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, healthy living spaces for his homeowners. And - consistent with commitment to quality and his ability to see the big picture - he hasn't forgotten one other important thing: beauty. A quote on his website sums up his philosophy on this perfectly: 'If it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable.' "
- Apologies, this story can no longer be found.



Two Homes Get A Friendly Makeover

Two Homes Get A Friendly Makeover  

Two Homes Get A Friendly Makeover
06.01.12. by Karen Croke. Green Houses - Two local, but very different, homes get an environmentally friendly makeover. When most homeowners think of green houses, the immediate projects that come to mind are solar panels and environmentally conscious materials.
But what if your entire house could be retrofitted and made to work for you, supplying enough energy to heat your hot water?
- Very nice, very brief story. Interesting choices of pictures.  Thank you Karen Croke and The Journal News!


Propane Energy Update — April 2012  

Propane Energy Update — April 2012
04.26.12. Propane offers flexibility for green construction;.
Training Profile: How Propane Offers Flexibility for Green Construction
A New York retrofit project relies heavily on propane for energy efficiency and a cleaner environmental profile.
Read more on this story from this newsletter published monthly by the Propane Education & Research Council.


Everything Old Is New Again   

Everything Old Is New Again
December 2011. by Christina Koch . "Sylvain Côté, owner of South Salem, N.Y.-based Absolute Green Homes, has mastered the art of deconstruction and found ways to use reclaimed materials in unique ways. He has created furniture, wine cellars, vanities and other handcrafted pieces from discarded items as mundane as 2 by 4s.
He currently is retrofitting a New York house with a zero-energy goal while using reclaimed materials to make the home distinctive."

- Apologies, this story can no longer be found.


Passive Wine Cellars - Naturally Cooled Wine Cellars Are A Practical Option for Basements   

Passive Wine Cellars
12.19.11. by Sylvain Côté. Naturally Cooled Wine Cellars Are A Practical Option for Basements.
  - My latest blog.


One of our basement is featured in this leading remodeling industry daily newsletter.   

(formerly) Ugly Ceilings ... in White Plains, N.Y.
05.10.11. by Leah Thayer. Day six of our May contest: (formerly) Ugly Ceilings.
- Apologies, this story can no longer be found.


Green is the New Black   

Green is the New Black

Sustainability is the new buzzword in the homebuilding industry.
But what does making your home “green” really mean?
Find out the answers in this interview by Marianne A. Campolongo, writer for Inside Chappaqua Magazine.


Remodeling a Basement   

Remodeling A Basement

The larger picture on the right is featuring one of our basement.  But don't look for any additional pictures from any of our projects here - The book is part of a "Build Like A Pro" series published by Taunton Press that are aimed to homeowners who feel they can be handy enough to tackle such extensive projects.

- To see this outstanding lower level, click here


House Calls   

House Calls

Local pros reveal how to keep your home up-to-date and market ready.

"Markets are depressed, your mutual funds tanked, and you’re considering having your mattress double as a safety-deposit box spring. If you think of your home as your most reliable asset—at least in the long haul—you may be..."  More
 - Look for our quote in the 5th paragraph -


Water Powered Green: Hydronic Heating Systems   

Water-Powered Green: Hydronic Heating Systems

If you are contemplating hydronic heating systems, this article published by Professional Remodeler, February 2009 edition will certainly be of interest to you.  More

 - We are quoted in all the paragraphs here - Ironically, we just don't know who's the dude in the picture..



Homes to Follow Cars
How about three months worth of heat for your home for the price of one month?  What if you could do the same thing with your electricity?
Find out more in the November 2008 "Resident Expert" column published by a leading local publication, Westchester Magazine



Catch Us on TV
Planet Green, which was owned by Discovery Communications, featured our Award Winning Project on their show 'The Worlds Greenest Homes' back in 2008.


Sustainable In South Salem - Westchester Home Magazine, Summer '08   

Westchester Home Magazine, Summer '08

"Sustainable In South Salem"  -  Westchester builder Sylvain Côté rights a dated upside-down contemporary, transforming it into an award-winning eco-friendly home.
 - As great as this web page is, it does not match the hard copy of the magazine itself.  Please pick up a copy at your local bookstore, or contact the publishers.  In fact, just an outstanding job with the entire magazine.



Waste Not, Want Not

"How are we going to do all that?"

- Not the most inspiring of words, but designer Lois Horan, of Crown Point Cabinetry in Claremont, New Hampshire, admits that it's just what she wondered while standing in the tiny kitchen of Gina and Ian Smith's 1920s cottage-style home...

- Kitchen & Bath, Spring 2008 Issue. 



PATH Partner Named "Best of the Best"
December 7, 2007
PATH Partner Absolute Remodeling was named winner of the 2007 "Best of the Best" Design Award by Professional Remodeler magazine.


Best Of The Best Design Award Winners - Professional Remodeler Magazine, Nov. '07   

Best Of The Best Design Award Winners

With a record 235 entries, this year's competition was the most competitive ever, according to the publishers.
A total of 56 projects won awards, including 16 Platinum Awards and one project was chosen as "The Best".
- The "Best Of The Best" project just happens to be ours!

 - Professional Remodeler, November 2007 Issue.



House lends foundation to enviro-friendly remake
"Sylvain Côté and his family had been renting a home in Yorktown for about 14 years before deciding to buy one on Truesdale Lake in South Salem a few years back.
Being the owner of Absolute Remodeling, he decided to, well, remodel the house. But his version of remodeling was to take the entire house down to its eight-sided foundation and rebuild..."

 - Published November 05, 2007.


Basement  - Ideas That Work Basement  - Ideas That Work

Oct. 8, 2007.  "Your dream addition is right under your feet"
- Written by Peter Jeswald, this book is published by The Taunton Press.  We recommend it for anyone contemplating finishing their basement or for anyone considering adding living space.  We have several lower level projects photographs featured throughout the book.
Find Out More




"Westchester builder Sylvain Côté turns his expertise to his own home, creating a model for green building design and energy efficiency."
by Judith Hausman.
New York House
magazine, March '07.

Published by House Media Network


Going For Green

...Is the title of the article, and is about friendly houses that slash energy costs and provide a healthier environment.  Three local homes are featured.  Published by Hudson Valley Magazine, April 2006 Edition, page 44.

By Valerie Havas




Building It Green

The Westchester County Times,
December 2004 Edition.

By Eve Marx



A House Of Another Color

The Lewisboro Ledger,
Cover Article,
July 22, 2004.

By Elena Sorokin



Eight Sides To One Story

The Journal News,
Real Estate Home section,
April 24-25, 2004.

By Noreen Seebacher



'H O U S E      C A L L S'

SMART MONEY Magazine, September 2003 Edition,
page 88 to 97.

Jena McGregor, Noah Rothbaum & Chris Taylor

Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'H O T T E S T      H O M E      I M P R O V E M E N T S'

MONEY Magazine,
August 2002 Edition,
page 104 to 116.

Jean Sherman Chatzky


'B U I L D      R E L A T I O N      W I T H     C O N T R A C T O R S'

Build relations with home contractors

The Journal News,
Real Estate Home section,
Sept. 28-29, 2002.
By Noreen Seebacher

Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'A L O N E'

'So, you want to be alone
 - To get privacy, you may have to create it'

The Journal News
Real Estate Home section,
May 25-26, 2002.
By Noreen Seebacher

Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'L O O K S      L I K E      A    M I L L I O N'

The Journal News
Real Estate section,
March 24, 2002

By Noreen Seebacher

Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'K I T C H E N      T H A T ' S      C O O K I N'


The Journal News
Real Estate section,
September 2, 2001
By Noreen Seebacher

Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'R E M O D E L I N G      P A Y S      O F F'

Sylvain Côté, President of Absolute Remodeling Corp., left, with client Nathan Hurlin of Fleetwood (MT Vernon), NY.

Published on Sunday, November 26th, 2000, on the front page of the Real Estate section, in The Journal News
By Noreen Seebacher.
Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


" B E S T      C O N T R A C T O R      S I T E "

Building Products Magazine

As reported in
Building Products, a glossy trade magazine published by Hanley-Wood, the leading publishers in construction magazines. This article is in the Nov./Dec. 1998 issue dedicated on the Internet, entitled "Breaking New Grounds."


'H O M E     O F    T H E    9 0 'S '

Home of the 90's


Published on Sunday, July 26th, 1998, on the front page of the Real Estate section, in The Gannett Suburban Newspaper® publication.
By Noreen Seebacher.
Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'H O M E O W N E R S     H O L D    K E Y'

Angel Chimbo, employee since 1993, left, with Sylvain Côté, President of Absolute Remodeling Corp.


Published on Sunday, July 12th, 1998, on the front page of the Real Estate section, in The Gannett Suburban Newspaper® publication. By Noreen Seebacher.  Look for our quotes in italic and/or bold letters.


'H O W    T O    R E M O D E L'

Home Improver Cover   


This article is the second one written by Sylvain Côté, President of Absolute Remodeling Corp., reprinted in Home Improver Magazine, a Westchester monthly publication with a circulation of 100,000.  This one is in the April 1998 issue.


'T H E    W E B S    W E    W E A V E'

Remodeling Magazine    


"The elements that make up a professional-looking Web site are much like those of a well-run job site. It should be clean and organized, with tools and materials that are readily at hand and clearly labeled."    March 10, 1998.  By Ann Marie Moriarty, senior editor, Remodeling Magazine, Hanley-Wood Online.


'V I R T U A L      R E M O D E L I N G'

Virtual Home Renovation


Published on Sunday, March 17, 1996  on the front page of the real estate section, in The Reporter Dispatch, a Gannett Suburban Newspaper® publication. By Karen Tensa.


'S T E A L I N G    A T T E N T I O N'

Stealing Attention  

Published in May, 1995 issue, in Remodeling Magazine©, a Hanley-Wood publication.


The reviews are in!  Read what the "Other Critics" are saying about this web site!!!



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