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"a house is like a marriageno matter how old or how new, you will always have to work on it."

- Sylvain Côté, Absolute Green Homes, IncMore Quotes Please!.


Passive Wine Cellars 12.19.11. by Sylvain Côté Passive Wine Cellars
12.19.11. by Sylvain Côté. Naturally cooled wine cellars are a practical option for basements.
No More Wet Basement Lifetime Guarantee No More Wet Basement Lifetime Guarantee
03.15.10. by Sylvain Côté.  A rainy windstorm over the weekend ravaged Westchester County, leaving several thousands without power and killing over half of dozen people.  Thousands of basements were also flooded, perhaps resulting in millions of dollars of damages, so I thought it was time to bring back an older article published just about three years ago.  We can not control the weather, but we can control some of the damages with proper preparation.
It’s Not The Heat, It’s The H²O. 01.25.10. by Sylvain Côté It’s Not The Heat, It’s The H²O
01.25.10. by Sylvain Côté.  High humidity will make a nice summer day feel much warmer than it is actually is. But the heat index, a term we hear only in the summer months, may perhaps be even more useful in the winter. To the surprise of many, including myself, a lack of humidity in our homes during the heating season is just as bad, if not worse.
Your health, your comfort, and yes, your wallet - All are greatly affected, more than you know.
Economic Stimulus Package. 03.22.09. by Sylvain Côté. Economic Stimulus Package
03.22.09. by Sylvain Côté.  Free federal money is finally trickling down to the common tax payers, us the homeowners.  Energy Star has published comprehensive information on how the housing industry and consumers can take advantage of the federal tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements in the new economic stimulus package.
$1500 is at the reach of your fingers for the taking. And there's even more than that for those of you wanting to reach the darkest shade of green...
The Geometry of Green. 03.07.09. by Sylvain Côté The Geometry of Green
03.07.09. by Sylvain Côté.  Keep it simple. That is the advice from most green building gurus, especially regarding a home's footprint. The fewer corners in a structure, the fewer materials and labor required to build it. Unfortunately, few green advocates actually stick to that logic, building complex designs and shapes that erode resource efficiency. But the funny thing is, according to simple physics (surface area to volume enclosed), a simple square or rectangle is actually not the most efficient shape after all.
Homes to Follow Cars. 11.01.08. by Sylvain Côté Homes to Follow Cars
11.01.08. by Sylvain Côté.  Many of us bought smaller and more efficient vehicles, while the SUV lovers simply settled for hybrids, still resulting in slight fuel savings. Doesn't matter. What does matter is the end result: greater energy savings and a positive effect on the environment. Today, green is a go.  Wondering what the SUV swap has to do with building and remodeling?  You can be absolutely certain the same thing will happen to our homes.
Slash Your Utility Bills. 10.01.08. by Sylvain Côté Slash Your Utility Bills
10.01.08. by Sylvain Côté.  Photovoltaic solar panels and geothermal heat pump return on your investment can be as long as 10, 15  or even 30 years, with or without the government incentives. Not particularly appealing and certainly not the first steps I would recommend.
The investments I do recommend are somewhere between medium to high, but the great news is that the return that can be as short as 2 or 3 years.

The following are older articles but most remain useful in today's market.
Unlike the articles above, I am not the author.


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Bathroom Tips

Kitchen Tips


How to Remodel


Your New Castle


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Notes Down Under


Think Before Moving


Like Housemates


When Less Is More


Property Taxes

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Basement  - Ideas That Work
Oct. 8, 2007.  "Your dream addition is right under your feet"
- This book was released by the fine and famous Taunton Press Publishers.
We highly recommend it for anyone contemplating finishing their basement and anyone considering adding living space.  Absolute Remodeling have several lower level projects featured


Bathroom Tips

Here’s a new definition of the everyday bath. If you are contemplating a bath make-over, these suggestions are the most valuable.


Kitchen Tips

A lot is being written about kitchen. This article is the most complete we found. Before you remodel or even design a kitchen, you must read this.


How To Remodel

An Absolute Must Read before you improve your home; design ideas to make your remodeling project a definitive winner -By Sylvain Côté, Pres. Absolute Remodeling 


Listen To This Old House

When remodeling old houses, you have to listen to them.   To some extent, the house will be telling you what you can do.  Better give your full attention.


Remodeler Search

Finding the right Remodeler is a real challenge and requires research. Most of all, you need to be knowledgeable.


Notes Down Under

When homeowners need more living space, they look up to the attic or out to the backyard, anywhere except that prime remodeling territory. Updated 01/11/00.


Moving Vs Remodeling

"I'm comfortable in the house," he says; "I like the neighborhood," she says. A classic housing dilemma: Remodel or move to get the features you want?


Like Housemates

If you're about to undertake a remodeling project, you and your contractor are going to be housemates for the next few months. Help is here.


When Less Is More

Your home is your single largest investment.  But it is also your single largest expense.   Before you "get larger", rethink the benefits of the smaller home.


Property Taxes

Are you paying too much property taxes?  Without hesitating, you answered yes! Here's a formula to figure out if you really are paying too much $$$...


"how   did  they  ever  get a permit  to build 
the world ?!?"
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