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iyou say something about your company,
- it's a claim.
isomeone else says something about your company,
it's a fact."

-Unknown.  More Quotes Please!


The reviews are in!!!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers] are saying about this web site!!!


"Of all the renovations we have done since buying the house, this project might be the most satisfying.  We get to enjoy the improvements every time we pull into the driveway or walk through the front door.

Sylvain thinks of all the small details that make a big difference:  LED downlights on a timer synced to when the sun sets, LED motion lights mounted on the side of the house to illuminate the driveway, designing the front door and garage door to match (even custom matching seeded glass panels), custom building brackets under the copper roof to match the existing brackets at the front of the house.

We would never have guessed how big a difference new doors can make!  We’re constantly surprised so many visitors notice the difference."

- Dan Hecht, Larchmont, NY.  06.30.16


"Hi Sylvain. Just wanted to let you know we lost power last night as crews worked on a fallen tree in our neighborhood. Our generator worked perfectly and kept us warm and powered up - it's good to have it, thank you!"

- Becky Mildenhall, Chappaqua, NY.  01.07.14


"The pictures say it all. Sylvain is an artist and helped to form and bring our vision to life. We are very pleased with how it all turned out. The space is beautiful but also functional. Our boys love 'their basement'."

- The Hauser Family, 12.17.13


"Our basement is a gift that keeps on giving. I still just go there to just look around and marvel at it."

- Alan Weisenfeld, White Plains, NY.  01.23.13


"Mr. Côté, Just a long overdue note of thanks for the work your company provided in the installation of our backup generator. That doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary now, five years later, but at the time, we had no idea how beneficial that installation would be. The best part was your wonderful advice to bury a 1000 gallon propane tank. Your crew made the job seem effortless.

Little did we know that in the following years we would be visited by hurricanes, ice storms, blizzard, a microburst (whatever that is!) and subsequent power outages lasting two weeks at a time. Our house generator has seen us through it all. Within seconds, lights are on, refrigerators are humming, heat is running and computers function as if nothing had happened.

Hurricane Sandy reminded us though that a generator is only as effective as its fuel supply. When others ran out, we were in good shape. The neighbors in our little cul-de-sac along with friends, have come to rely on it too! They know there is a hot shower, coffee and a recharging station at their disposal. One neighbor even runs an extension cord to his home. We are happy to share the resulting peace of mind.

I also want to add that we had already received pricing for a generator, installation and tank from Northeast Generator before we called you. Their price was nearly twice as high!
So thank you for your helpfulness. We have in turn given your name to our neighbors and trust they will be just as happy as we are. Sincerely,"

- Deborah Orifici, Waccabuc, NY.  01.14.13


"In my very first email to Sylvain of Absolute Green Homes, I told him I envisaged a new kitchen space full of drama, light and space. Well, he certainly delivered on that. We now have a stunning and utterly unique kitchen, family room and mudroom that blows everyone away who enters. Visitors are so surprised to hear we didn’t add one foot onto the house’s original footprint: all that space was already there. Sylvain saw how best to use it.

Though the process of building a fully custom space was undeniably lengthy, Sylvain’s crews did their best to ensure we were comfortable throughout. From building us a kitchenette in the garage to hooking up appliances as they were delivered and keeping the space clean and tidy, we managed pretty well. It was fascinating to watch his craftsmen at work creating our custom cabinetry and fixtures from their raw materials. I’ll never forget the day they carried in what looked like a pile of rocks and proceeded to craft a beautiful hand-built fireplace over the next few weeks. And the cabinetry! The cabinetry is truly a work of love and art. Sylvain’s cabinetmaker is an extraordinary talent whose build quality is above and beyond.

But Sylvain’s work is not all about the looks. Our new space works. Everything, but everything, is in the right place. From the height of the benches under the mudroom coat hooks to the perfect distances between kitchen island and the opposing countertops, Sylvain’s attention to detail is unparalleled. Though we didn’t always agree on design and style issues, I sought out and trusted his advice in making the seemingly endless decisions that a remodeling project requires. I respected the way he defended his suggestions with passion, even when we had very different ideas, and in doing so, more than once, steered us away from making a wrong decision.

So thank you, Sylvain. It’s been quite a journey but we ended up with the grand prize: a stunning and individual kitchen/family space where we can cook together, laugh together and most importantly BE together.

- Rebecca Mildenhall, Chappaqua, NY.  08.02.12


"We are still enjoying our new basement as if it were just finished. Its like living in a new house. Thanks again for everything."

- Alan Weisenfeld, White Plains, NY.  11.07.11


"I had a poker game downstairs last weekend. Everyone was blown away by the lower level. Apparently it is now the preferred location for our game."

- Dan Hecht, Larchmont, NY.  07.29.11


"My neighbors are getting ready to finish their basement. The husband didn't want his wife to see your work because he has something more modest in mind (no digging down) and didn't want her to get any ideas.

Everyone was amazed by the natural light (especially because, as you know, there really are no exposed exterior walls). They could not believe how bright it is.

Our guests loved the "stair step" windows, which you suggested.

They admired the finish and detail work and appreciated that it matched the rest of the house. Several people said it looked like the basement had "always been there," which, as you know, is exactly what we were trying to achieve.

Everyone loved the interior staircase and how it flows from the main level. We heard, "It feels like just another floor of the house." Again, that is exactly what we were trying to achieve. It was your idea to open up the stairs, and we love the result.

Several visitors commented on the wood floors. "You can do that in a basement?" As you educated us, the answer is yes.

"Where did you get the cabinets and bookcases?" Amazement at the answer that they were hand built on site.

"Where is the boiler and hot water heater?" Amazement when we open the small closet to reveal the wall hung combination unit that you suggested.

And, perhaps best of all with Memorial Day's 90 degree heat, without any A/C it is the coolest room in the house. It never got above 68 degrees.

No one mentioned the air quality, but that is a complement itself. It is equal to or better than the rest of the house, so it does not call attention to itself (except by comparison to the poor quality and humidity before the renovation, but we never used to let guests down there). Jen and I certainly appreciate the cool, dry and clean air."

- Dan Hecht, Larchmont, NY.  05.31.11


"You're name is being thrown out to everyone during the open house and brokers have your info. People are amazed with your work."

- Gina Smith, Larchmont, NY 05.22.11


"We are very excited about our new lower level. Sylvain and Absolute Green Homes were able to turn a wet, dark, damp and useless basement into our favorite family space. Sylvain used his keen sense of design to bring as much light into the new lower level as we have on our main floor. The project was a masterful use of space which helped to reclaim dead areas by removing the 30 year old massive clunky boiler and replacing it with a super efficient gas boiler and hot water heater barely larger than a [window] air conditioner. By removing the oil tank under our porch, Sylvain was able to help us create a relaxing lounge area and sun room.

We absolutely love the many small luxuries that Sylvain was able to build such as the temperature controlled wine closet, the radiant heat, the steam shower and the built in waterfall. All of this work was blended seamlessly with the design and architecture of the rest of our home. Most of all, we were so impressed with the high quality of all the work, and the incredible attention to every last detail. We felt like it was as much a labor of love for Sylvain and his team as it was for us."

- Alan Weisenfeld, White Plains, NY.  04.05.11


"OMG, these photos are amazing, the entire family fully enjoyed viewing them. Everyone couldn't believe the transformation, especially after looking at the before photos."

 - Natonée Weisenfeld, White Plains, NY.  04.03.11


"We were told by Sylvain that the basement was guaranteed waterproof and on that basis we installed a wood floor below grade. In the 3 years since the work was finished we have not had a drop of moisture in the basement.

As part of the house sale process the buyers inspector commented that the standard of workmanship in the basement was very high – he made a point of saying he was impressed.
The inspector drew attention to the high efficiency boiler and the quality of workmanship for the installation.”

- David Payne, Rye, NY.  02.17.11


"There are so few contractors in the area who have your vision, integrity and such a quality crew! I know our bathroom must have been the smallest project you have taken on in a while, but it means the world to us that you did it. I still appreciate how candid you were with us when going over the estimate of the project - in advising what we should or should not invest in as we thought of the long term benefits. We still receive amazing comments on the carpentry and craftsmanship of the work b/c it is clear in every detail that you and your crew were expert at the what you were doing. You all put just as much care into it as you would have a million dollar project. There is no question that I would want to work with Absolute and you again.”

- Wanda Witherspoon, NY.  08.03.10


Hi Sylvain, I have been meaning to email you to, again, thank you for the amazing job you did on our basement! after the terrible storm last weekend, se STILL had NO water. I have been hearing horrible flooding stories and it reminded me again of the quality job that you did. thank you!

- Gina Smith, Larchmont, NY 03.18.10


"By the way....34% savings this month....far fewer therms and kilowatt hours so it isn't just a price thing.....that's pretty is the work that keeps on giving."  It is fantastic. I am glad I will be living here for a while. When you are ready to go, I will send an impassioned email about it all to everyone."

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 02.11.10


"Dear Sylvain, I wanted to write you to express my gratitude for what you did for my home.  My kids’ bedrooms were intolerably cold and my wife and I couldn’t watch TV in our living room anymore because it was freezing in there. You told me you could insulate my house to make a world of difference and you surely did not come up short. We don’t even use the additional plug-in heaters in any of the three rooms anymore.

The key is that you got us warm in our home again but it is also fantastic that we just got our December bill and it was over $200 cheaper than December of last year. That’s pretty remarkable. Also, your contention that fixing the humidifier on our heating blower would make the house warmer and more comfortable was dead on as well.

I am thrilled with the results but also want to tell you that the process was a pleasure as well. Your crews were courteous, timely, and worked hard to get it all done and be out as quickly as possible. They also were extremely clean and after spraying foam insulation through the attic, basement and garage of my home, there was almost no evidence that anything was ever done….except for the great results. And, it was amazing how they got into some very tight spaces to make sure they were ultra-thorough.

I also want to thank you for going above and beyond to seal all the windows in the house, fix my water heater, repair sheetrock in several places and weigh in on some plumbing issues we have been having. I love working with companies that I do not have to tell more than once to do stuff and Absolute Remodeling was absolutely one of those!

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 01.18.10

"The house is SOOO much better. You have made it livable again."

- Kevin Brown, Tarrytown, NY 12.28.09


"The house is sooo warm and comfortable!!!!!!!!"

- Johnnie Sultanik, New Castle, NY.10.12.09


"When I originally discussed my idea for the kitchen renovation with Sylvain, he simply passed on the job and said that it would be a waste of my money and would have little impact on accomplishing the desired result. I was very surprised considering the slow economy and how many others were being really aggressive to land the contract.

After much thought, I decided to take Sylvain's advice and go with his design and increase the scope of the work involved. Needless to say I made the right decision and result is amazing! We especially love our custom cabinets and new island!

We really love the new space. It has created an environment that allows the entire family to be together -- whether it be watching TV, playing on the computer or cooking!"

- Michael Arfin, Chappaqua, NY. 12.28.09.


"...he [Sylvain] finished our basement (including a full bathroom) in early 2004 (we picked him randomly based on his website)... based on that work, he has since built a loft in our garage, done some small work for my mother-in-law and just recently built our kitchen...  needless to say, we like his work (our basement is not just a "finished basement," it's another level of our home)...the pix on his website convey that notion that he does good work...he pays attention to the small details... point out any little thing that is not right and he gets it fixed... the down side of this is it may cause some delays... also, Sylvain has an artist's eye and can configure things many ways...I usually have him think big and give me many options, I then whittle things down to what I want (and can afford!)... his workers can do most anything, but of course at a was his idea to move my washer/dryer upstairs (a great idea!)... his initial cost estimates are accurate and budget overruns are due to changes we requested... if you know what you want, let him know and it gets worked into the initial contract..."

 - Peter Alduino, Yorktown Heights, NY. 10.19.09.


“After 36 years of preparing meals for a family of nine in a kitchen space roughly 8 feet by 13 feet, it is so much fun to cook in our beautiful new kitchen. The streamlined appearance, well planned layout and efficient use of space make it possible to entertain while making a meal. The beautiful casement windows open wide to let in a wonderful breeze. Every aspect of it is easy to maintain. We are very happy with the professional workmanship."

 - Peggy Sheridan,, Bronxville, NY. 04.28.09


"Sylvain and Absolute Green Homes (aka Absolute Remodeling) did a GREAT job in transforming our basement into a wonderful entertainment area. In fact, we liked their work so much, we hired them to build a storage loft in the garage and to remodel our kitchen. Realistically, no construction job will be without unexpected "problems." It was in handling these problems that Sylvain and his crew really demonstrated their professionalism. I have no reservations in recommending Absolute Green Homes for any house construction project.”

 - Peter Alduino, Yorktown Heights, NY. 04.16.09


“Sylvain did a great job with our family room remodeling project. Everything was completed in a timely manner exactly as we wanted it. The built-ins look like they have always been a part of the room. I would highly recommend his services for any home remodeling work.”

- Richard Cohen, Chappaqua, NY.  01.25.09


"Working with Sylvain is like working with a quality builder and an artist. We did a big renovation on our 1920's home. He did a gut renovation on our basement. It is not only beautiful, but he built a great drainage system so that it would never flood. Big rains in our area will surely cause flooding in most of the homes. We do not have that problem anymore. We renovated our kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Walls, windows and even bathrooms were moved. His work was done with the highest quality, but also with a great sense of style. We are proud of what he did for us and would definitely use him again.”

- Gina Smith, Larchmont, NY.  01.18.09


"Sylvain has done three projects in our Yorktown Heights home - two very large. He brings great energy and imagination to his work and is always reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend him.”

- Bob Farrell, Yorktown Heights, NY.  01.16.09


"Sylvain began remodeling my kitchen in the end of October. My kitchen was totally gutted, appliances, cabinets, and floors were removed and replaced. We began this project the last week of October and we served Christmas dinner in my completed kitchen. Sylvain has a crew of talented, professionals who work with great precision. I have a beautiful 'Tuscan Kitchen'."

Linda Vaccaro, South Salem, NY.   01.15.09


"Sylvain, the radiant heat is working great. Good suggestion and I am glad I took your advice on installing it."

- Kevin Longino, Greenwich, CT. 12.09.08


"After many hours of researching and calling references we finally invited Absolute Remodeling to transform our master bathroom.  They started with gutting the whole bathroom.  Then high-efficiency insulation was installed on all exterior walls and they added in-floor heating w/ programmable thermostat.  Our bathroom was fitted with a bigger and more energy efficient window to let added natural light into the room and in addition it makes the room feel bigger. Even though the placement of the toilet did not change the new Toto toilet uses lower water consumption than the previous toilet.  The new all-glass shower enclosure uses Fantech’s inline ventilation system that is an effective component to this new bathroom.  Storage was no longer an issue for us after Absolute Remodeling custom designed and built the cherry wood vanity, mirrors and the tub panels.  One of the biggest visual differences in this bathroom is that the vanity and tub have traded places.  The new ceramic tiles, marble countertop, pocket doors and wainscot all play a part in making this efficient bathroom a cozy retreat.

Our new master bathroom is so inviting that our 5 year old son does not want to use his own bathroom anymore.  My husband enjoys the new shower and can not say enough about the craftsmanship of the cherry cabinetry that graces our bathroom.  As for me, I got exactly what I wanted an efficient, inviting retreat with storage.  We want to thank Sylvain and his crew for a job well done."

- Kelly, Waccabuc, NY.  08.25.08.


"I just got my ConEd bill for gas - basically cooking and hot water - $50.00 for July, and my son takes multiple long showers every day, plus there are 3 more of us, so we probably use too much hot water anyway.  My propane bill for cooking and hot water with the old tank was always over $100.00/month, and we would always run out of hot water and have to wait for the tank to heat up again.  Electric has been a bit high due to air-conditioning, but I'm convincing the family that 78 degrees is sufficient most of the time.  We'll see what the next bill says!
Whatever people can do to work towards going green is definitely worth it - especially if they plan on staying in their house for a while.  So, whether it's a high-efficiency boiler, tankless hot water, radiant heat, cfl bulbs, multiple heating zones, etc., it all helps, and truly makes the home a more comfortable living space." 
 This project has not been photographed an/or posted yet

- Anne Budlong, Somers, NY.  07.31.08


"It is hard to say what my favorite part is because ALL of it is my favorite part. The house is sooooo nice and easy to live in now.
Totally functional. I love how we have our own master bath now. I LOVE that we can do laundry upstairs. I love the whole kitchen. I especially love the recycling drawer, dog area and all our new appliances. I love the instant hot water! The basement is just fantastic! Everything about it. I am really glad we used that tile instead of wood. We get a lot of compliments on it."

- Gina Smith, Larchmont, NY.  10.24.07


"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new dry, finished basement. What an amazing transformation. I'm so glad we have the "before" pictures to remind us what that space used to look like! Your talented crew did an amazing job on everything - stone walls, woodwork, painting, - all was executed perfectly. With the large windows (with plants growing on the windowsills!), and French doors to the outside, there's so much natural light that the space hardly seems like a basement.

We also are extremely happy with our new heating and hot water system. I'm so glad we decided to go with radiant heat on the first floor, as well as the basement floor. The house was more comfortable than ever this past winter, and we spent a little less than half of what we previously spent on fuel costs - and that's with having an endless supply of hot water from our tankless system!

Thanks again for everything, and best of luck with all of your projects!" -  This project has not been photographed an/or posted yet

- Anne Budlong, Somers, NY.  08.09.07


"I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to our house.  You not only made it a better looking house, but the house is more functional in every aspect!  Your idea to put the laundry upstairs was brilliant!  Being a new mom, it has been a dream.

We are also still so grateful for the way you do basements.  We are the only house on our street that didn't get water from the last big storm.  Our neighbors had 8 inches and we had NOTHING.  We can't thank you enough for that.

Your work was done with the highest quality, but also with great style.  Thanks Sylvain!

- Gina Smith, Larchmont, NY.  08.01.07


"About 3 years ago we had an extension put on our house by another contractor. Fortunately, we didn't finish the new basement as it proceeded to leak with every heavy rain. Even when the floor was dry, the basement had an awful musty smell. We researched contractors and found Absolute Remodeling. They came in put in a drain with sump pump and a new floor. We finished the basement to be an entertainment and child play area with a half bath and passive wine cellar. Since completing the basement, we have had several very bad rain storms in Chappaqua and although the sump pump has come on during and after these storms, we have not seen a drop in the basement. The room no longer smells musty or feels damp. The kids love to play down there (especially in the heat of the day) and the radiant floor heating we had put in keeps the room very comfortable in the winter.

Absolute Remodeling also refinished a main floor bathroom for us which we love. The wood work was so excellent in the basement that we had them come back this winter to finish an office and build shelving in the master bedroom and dining room. Although the project did drag on a while, the staff were extremely courteous and tried very hard to give us our privacy. My husband loves the new wine cellar (and is having a great time trying to fill it). Overall we loved our experience with Absolute Remodeling. They have been very good about coming back and addressing any minor concerns and even helping out, fixing some of the other errors that the last contractor made. Our only regret is not finding Absolute Remodeling in the first place. We look forward to our next project."

- Dave and Lori Lamb, Chappaqua, NY.  07.26.07


"I hope you are well and business continues to thrive!
I have meant to email you with our thanks for the amazing work that was done to renovate our small hall bath. You executed a relatively stress-free process for us and we were very pleased with the professionalism and work of your tradesmen. I especially enjoy the carpentry and tile work. We can tell that they took such great care to ensure every measure and layout was precise.

I am also glad we listened to you on bumping out the entryway [relocating the bathroom door] - it has truly maximized what little space we have. We'll definitely give you a call when we have a bigger project for you..."

- W. W., Port Chester, NY.  07.20.07.


"We just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy we are with our kitchen renovation. After hearing such horror stories from friends who have had their kitchens redone and the length of time they were without a kitchen, we were a little anxious to even begin this project in the fall. Our project began in early November, and it was complete in time to cook for Christmas dinner! You have taken the time to find specialists in every field that are courteous, prompt, neat, and proficient.

I wanted to make a special note to thank your #1 man on the job, Jon, jack of all trades, for his expertise and fine carpentry skills to turn our floor into the masterpiece that we now have.
Many thanks,"

- Vince and Linda Vaccaro, South Salem, NY.  06.18.07


"I recommend Sylvain and Absolute Remodeling without any reservation. He finished my entire lower lever, about 1800 square feet, and I'm very happy with the work. He and his people are very professional and courteous and Sylvain's recommendations and ideas were fantastic. I had a preconceived notion of what I wanted but Sylvain helped me to broaden my thoughts. I didn't even think of some of the ideas he brought to my attention and that's what truly transformed that space. I believe you should get what you pay for, and although Sylvain will not be the least expensive contractor you could find, his work is worth it."

- Barry Haitoff, Mahopac, NY.  April.06


"We finally got there in the end. We are extremely happy with the final product. Friends and neighbors have all given the design and work very high regards. We are hesitant to call it a basement any longer because that will not do it the justice it deserves. In addition to enjoying the new space and patio we save energy every month with our new LP Munchkin boiler." If any friends or neighbors are looking to remodel we will be sure to tell them to give a look. Your website speaks for itself."

- The MC Family, Mount Kisco, NY.   06.06.06


"Still dry in Rye after big storm.
We lost power Wednesday morning.  The rain was really a problem.  When you installed the pumping system as part of our basement job, you told me you would also be installing a back up system.  I would have never thought of it on my own. Your back up system just passed its first and hopefully last test with flying colors.  My neighbors all got water in their basements when the power went out for 3 days.

The back-up system performed just as you said it would.  Actually, it did better.  It was still running strong after 24 hours. I  purchased an extra battery as a precaution for $60.00.  By the time I put it in, the ground water had subsided.  The original was recharged at the gas station and ready to go if needed.  We could have gone without power for as long as it was going to take.  Some neighbors spent thousands on generators after their basements had water.  We stayed completely dry.

Thank you for your expert advice.  This basement project was the best money I ever spent in connection with home construction."

- Gerry DiEdwards, Rye, NY.  01.23.06


"I spoke with [prospect client] on Monday. Her concerns were based on previous experiences that turned out to include lots of extra charges and a contractor who may not/have completed the job.

I assured her that our contract was accurate and complete with no hidden charges and that the crew was reliable and trustworthy and worked to the highest standards.
She declined to view the job in person since the web site showed the quality.

Two colleagues at work who are at the considering stage of a kitchen renovation, questioned us about quality of workmanship and the security aspects of having a crew in the house. Both Ian and I agreed that after our experience with your crews we would feel comfortable having work done in the house (as opposed to in the basement) without one of us always having to be at home."

- Robyn, New Rochelle, NY.   01.23.06


"She [prospect client] wanted to know if the project was on time and on budget. I told her, for both [projects, the kitchen & the lower level], it went over and that some of it was our fault and some I thought was your fault.  She asked if we would use you again and I said yes and that we would probably redo our master suite in the next 18 months.  I told her that we were happy with the quality of the work, and that when people came over they were very impressed."

- N & J, White Plains, NY.  01.23.06.


The reviews are in!!!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers] are saying about this web site!!!


"Our beautiful new front yard on the Long Island Sound:
Absolute helped us design, and then built a beautiful new front yard which showcases our view of the Long Island Sound.

They tore down a hedge, existing crumbling walls, a pond, and a patio, and replaced all with a master quality low wall, a partial high wall for privacy and a gorgeous and user-friendly two-level patio for grilling and dinners.

With a wrought iron fence and gate, the front yard is both a playground and a showpiece.
We are very happy with the result!"

 - Diane, Larchmont, NY.  11.14.05


"We've seen the photos on your website. It's hard to believe that the basement really looked that bad but the photos prove it.

My family in Australia have also looked up your site and are very impressed with the changes to the space.

The children use the new bathroom by choice, walking down two flights of stairs to do so, rather than their own small, old one.

Despite the heavy rains recently the basement has not had any water damage either.
We're still writing up some notes from us for your site, but have had a deadline to meet at work".

- Ian Willis & Robyn Moir, New Rochelle, NY.   10.12.05.


"We are all doing well and enjoying our beautiful home - especially the attic."

- Ron & Stacey, Dobbs Ferry, NY.   05.22.05.


"Wow .... what a great team we make! The "never to be called basement again" lower level is even better than I imagined ... and I had very high expectations. There are a number of things I could go on about here, but it all comes down to a couple of things.

Your team - all of the Absolute Remodeling crew were great to work with, and are clearly the best at what they do. The quality of work is exceptional, and the attention to detail was one of the important things that really helped transform the basement into the lower level.

You accommodated my many last minute requests, like redoing the fireplace with a new mantle and hearth, and then made it better by recommending the stone above the mantle ... that stone sets the whole tone for the room and is one of my very favorite features.

A very heartfelt thank-you to you and your team for a job better than well done."

- Christine Fisher, Valhalla, NY.  02.28.05.


"The team from Absolute have worked on several projects for us and they always deliver as promised.  The whole crew is professional, neat and understanding.  Since they spent a lot of time in the house on this project, it was important to me and my family that we all felt comfortable.

Regarding the project itself, Sylvain transformed a dark, stuffy "finished" basement to a true living area. Sometimes I think we spend more time in this area than in other parts of our home.  The design and execution was flawless . . we particularly like the radiant heat.  It is very comfortable and always maintains a constant temperature regardless of the fluctuations outside. Great job all around!!!!"

- Bob & Christine Farrell, Yorktown Heights, NY.  02.20.05.


"Our guest are raving about the new floor.  They say it's just like floors they've seen in the Tuscany countryside. My staff love the ease of cleaning.  Even my mother said we should have done this 30 years ago.  After staring at the chipping paint on the floor for 40 years I am just speechless."

- Jonathan Pratt, Yorktown Heights, NY.  10.08.04.


"The folks at Absolute Remodeling did a GREAT job in transforming our basement into a wonderful entertainment area. In fact, we liked their work so much, we've hired them to build a storage loft in the garage.  Realistically, no construction job will be without unexpected "problems."  It was in handling these problems that Sylvain and his crew really demonstrated their professionalism.  We have no reservations in recommending Absolute Remodeling for any house construction project."

- Susan & Peter Alduino, Yorktown Heights, NY.  10.01.04.


"Here are some pictures of the bar now that it is done. Let me know if you still would want to come over and take your own.

We have already had two parties and the bar was the main conversation piece!!! Thank you so much for such a great job!!"

- Dina Criss, Ossining, NY.  06.08.04.


"Our 'Extreme Makeover' was a huge success!
This is what we tell all of our family members and friends when they ask about our recently remodeled first floor.

Sylvain, and the entire Absolute Remodeling team did a terrific job on our project from start to finish. Remodeling the entire first floor of your home, and main living area, can be quite stressful. We can honestly say that everyone at Absolute Remodeling did their very best to make sure that this process was as easy on us as possible. The entire team was conscientious, helpful, and did a terrific job cleaning up at the end of the day.

Sylvain, helped us with all of our creative decisions and was certainly an instrumental part in our new beautiful space. Family, friends and neighbors alike, routinely say our newly designed kitchen/dining room looks like something out of the kitchen and home magazines!
The best indicator of how well a project went is whether or not you would do it again with the same people. When we're asked, "Would you do it again?" -- We answer, "We already have!", as we've just begun phase 2 -- a full basement remodel!

Thanks Sylvain and the entire Absolute Remodeling team! We look forward to working with you on future projects."

- N & J, White Plains, NY.  05.05.04.


"Sylvain Cote and Absolute Remodeling did an excellent work in finishing our basement. No part of the basement in our 75 year old home had been finished previously, and parts of the basement were occasionally wet. The project involved lowering a concrete floor to achieve necessary ceiling height, resolving water and drainage issues in the basement and backyard, finishing three rooms for use as game rooms and a media room, creating a powder room and wet bar, and cleaning up unfinished storage areas. My family has been very pleased with the results.

Sylvain brought a great deal of creativity and vision to the various challenges posed by the project. He has great problem-solving skills and a nice eye for design. The quality of the workmanship was excellent, and Sylvain readily agreed to correct anything that did not conform to his high standards. The work proceeded steadily and essentially on schedule, finishing only a few weeks later than anticipated because we did some additional work. We found Sylvain to be honest and straightforward in his dealings with us. The contract was detailed and specific, the only extra expenses were for work clearly outside the scope of the original job, and Sylvain was open and forthcoming in providing credits for any work we decided not to do. His employees were also professional, careful and considerate.

In short, our project proceeded as smoothly as possible, and our finished basement looks beautiful. I would certainly work with Absolute Remodeling again."

- Robin Sellier, Pelham Manor, NY.  03.23.04.


"Sylvain, I have to tell you that it was a pleasure doing business with you.  Everything was itemized and you were real easy to talk with concerning any extras and details of the job.  You kept on schedule and did a great job helping us get ready for our mother's 80th birthday party.

Your crew was excellent and, like you were good to the last detail. The work was completed to our satisfaction and we get nothing but raves over the finished product.

Your knowledge helped us where our architect did not. You made sure all supports were done properly and went the extra distance to make sure we were happy with the completed project.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends.  Thank you for your diligence and hard work.  We're very glad you pursued us in coming to a very satisfactory conclusion to three months of decisions, decisions and decisions.

To you and your crew......Thanks.....

- Sharon and Steve Kleiman, Putnam Valley, NY. 10.31.03


"We have used Sylvain on four different projects spanning five years.  In that time he has done two major kitchen remodels in two different houses for us.  I have found him to be honest. highly motivated and perhaps most amazingly, pretty true to his word when it comes to budget and
completion schedules.

I plan to use him again and would definitely recommend him to a friend. I have found him to be collaborative and have followed his design suggestions in many instances.
Please feel free to contact me with any further questions."

- Dan Sladkus, Briarcliff Manor, NY.  07.23.03..


"The skylight and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail made all the difference in the superb outcome.  Thanks."

- Bob Farrell, Yorktown.  04/29/03.


"We would like to say THANK YOU to the staff at Absolute Remodeling!  First and foremost, we were extremely impressed with your courteous and professional staff!  You definitely have the best of the best!  Your team did a great job transforming our lower level into a beautiful space that we will be able to entertain in for many years to come!!! Our family and friends who have seen our new space have one thing to say…WOW!!

We look forward to using and recommending your services in the future!"

-  Thomas & Kari Walsh, Pelham, NY.  04/23/03.


"Thanks Sylvain--I am enjoying my bathroom so much, it's now my favorite room in the house.
It was a pleasure working with you and I especially appreciate your communication and responsiveness. I wish I could afford to have you redo my kitchen :)."

- Marge, Ossining, NY.  04/08/03.

"Sylvain, we just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our new basement renovation.  For years the basement was the part of the house we didn’t let guests see.  Now it’s the part of the house we are most proud of.  The cold, dark storage area has been replaced by a thoroughly modern, open, light, and comfortable new floor for our home.  Everyone who sees it comments on how they can’t believe it used to be “just a basement”.  It’s where we now spend most of our time.

We were surprised and pleased at how little intrusion on our daily lives the project was.  Your team was always polite, and maintained a clean work area.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who wants to make their basement into a “ground floor addition” they can be proud of.  Our only problem is it makes us feel like we need to remodel the rest of the house to bring it up to the same standard!"

 - Frank & Lisa Sinapi, Katonah, NY.  04/02/03.


"Thanks for your immediate response to our Friday night late call in regard to our sewer ejector failure.  Not only did you make a 'house call' Saturday morning to check it had it replaced by Monday morning!

Its nice to work with a contractor who stands behind his work, even 18 months after completion."

- Tony & Jodi Senese, Lewisboro, NY.  01/20/03.


"Dear Sylvain and Absolute Remodeling Team:

We are very happy with the results of our remodeling projects with you.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  We absolutely love our
master suite as it truly feels like a European spa.  Our guests consistently give the guest bath rave reviews.  Our new kitchen is fabulous. Your design ideas have made our house more livable, enjoyable, and perfect for entertaining.

Everyone whose had a remodeling project is aware of the dust, debris and disruption involved.  We appreciate your efforts to keep our pain to a minimum even though most of our house went through significant construction.

The highest compliment that we can give you is to say that we would be pleased to work with you again."

- Mr. & Ms. Dennis, Larchmont, NY.  01/15/03


"I would like to commend you and your crews professionalism in the design and construction of our lower level.    Your attention to detail is indeed a breath of fresh air among contractors.   From the design and sales process through the completion of the punch list (if that is what you call the list of minor things that took you less than half a day to complete), you delivered.  I have recommended you to friends and I'm sure future recommendation will arise as long as there are gatherings around our custom-made maple beverage and cheer dispensing station that you built."

- Joe Stark, Katonah, NY.  06/03/02.


The reviews are in!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers] are saying about this web site!!!


"Dear Sylvain and Absolute Remodeling,

We love
our new basement!  In fact, you really can't call it a basement anymore - it looks as nice as the rest of our house.  We originally discovered Absolute Remodeling through the website and liked the "before" and "after" shots.  We really couldn't picture what our basement could look like until Sylvain showed us the design he put together.  He made several great suggestions to improve the space, including reconfiguring the stairs to provide better access and make the area more attractive.  During construction, the crew was very friendly and accommodating with requests and changes - and our dog "Avery" loved them.

We now use our previously dirty, uninviting basement as a home gym, a playroom and a general entertainment area.  We had all of our neighbors over for a Super Bowl party - everyone "oohed" and "ahhed" at the results.  Thanks to Absolute Remodeling for a great job in designing and remodeling our wonderful new space!  Sincerely,"

- JP and Kristi Williamson, Easton, CT.  04/15/02.

From the 3 kids:

Tom:  "It's cool. I like the basement because we can eat in it".
Sam:  "I like our computer desk, our Playstation area, and the big screen
TV.  It is an awesome place for sleepovers!"
Cade:  "It's my favorite place in the house."

From Mom:

I love our "room to grow" basement.  It is probably more space than we need now, but with the prospect of three boys growing up, I feel like the house can take them.  And the great built-in shelves are close to full already.  It is so wonderful to be able to hide the toys occasionally.  The
extra living space suits our lifestyle totally.  We enjoy the entertainment area where movies at home make weekends together a total joy.  The guest room space works well short term and could potentially be a longer term visitor's suite as well.  The kitchen and fantastic bathroom allows almost apartment like privacy.  We have all enjoyed the steam shower, and it is super after a workout.  The storage room allows me to use every inch of the basement efficiently.  And now our three cats also have a place to hide.

And the best part is that Sylvain did a great job in
designing the project so that it doesn't look like a basement.  There are no support beams whatsoever.  Lighting is great with the French doors, the bedroom and exit door, as well as the glass block "fake" windows.  The light wood used in all the built-ins makes the light open, feeling of the rest of the house consistent throughout the basement as well.  Sylvain's workers were friendly, polite and cleaned up after themselves.

All in all, we are very happy with the results and thrilled that we made the commitment to "fix it up!"  Thank you to Sylvain and Absolute Remodeling."

- Connie Plaehn, Chappaqua, NY.  03/04/02.

"What more needs to be said, this is our fourth project with Absolute Remodeling in six years. We just completed a second extensive kitchen remodeling project and they were the only call we made. Once again they did not disappoint us."

- Dan & Paulette Sladkus, Briarcliff Manor, NY.  10/16/01.


"I want to thank you for a job very well done.  True to your word, your crew has responded admirably to every last detail and request and we are extremely pleased with the final product.  Our bathroom has been transformed from an embarrassing, time-worn 50's relic to a room I can proudly show off to friends.

Given that this was our first remodeling project, we were a bit apprehensive.  We needed a professional contractor to walk us through the design and implementation and to provide us architectural and cost advice. Your approach to the client perfectly fit the bill and we are extremely grateful for your patience and insights.

Besides the professional quality work, one thing stands out about Absolute Remodeling: all of your crew and sub-contractors are completely trustworthy and honest individuals who respected us and cared for our home.  Notably they meticulously kept our home clean throughout the project.  I particularly wish to commend your crew leader Angel.  He is an outstanding employee and dedicated professional.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future.

- Tim and Denise Parker, Katonah, NY.  07/08/01.


"Wow!"  This is everyone's first reaction on seeing our newly completed basement project.  The second reaction is to ask who did the work.  So we tell them!  We are absolutely delighted with the unbelievably high standard of work which you carried out for us Sylvain and the space has become an integral part of our living area and added a new dimension to our home.  In fact, we especially find it difficult to get Tomas, our 2.5 year old son, to come out of there!

Your vision of what our finished basement could look like became a reality over the months that you and your workmen spent with us.  We were so impressed along every step of the way with the care and attention to detail that you all applied to the job.  The fact that you were all such pleasant people to deal with was an added bonus!

We would never hesitate in recommending you wholeheartedly to anyone and we look forward to using you again in the future."

- Agnieskza, Penry and Tomas Jackson. 03/05/01.


"Our house was built in 1953;  After living here for five years, we decided it was time to redo the master bath.  We hired an architect.   After too many bills and too little design ideas that we liked, we decided we can do this without an architect.  A toilet here, a sink there...

We contacted Sylvain after reading an article in the paper about him.   He came over, looked the area over and said: "A skylight would look good here; and if you knock out that closet, you'd have room for that Jacuzzi you want'".   "-We can have that?"  Well three months later after many decisions, counter-decisions, and generally learning how to deal with renovations, it was done.  

You can say it changed our life.  Every day going into a bathroom that reminds you of a nice hotel, it makes you feel life is a vacation.  Well, almost.  Or as my mother of ninety years said upon seeing it: "Oooooh, it's like a bathroom in a Hollywood movie!"

Were there snags along the way?  Sure,but as the guys were saying on the worksite one day:  "One thing about Sylvain, he hires nice, good people, and the work always comes out looking great".  I can't argue with that."

- Gary Yudman, Edgemont [Scarsdale], NY.   10/17/2000.


"We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your workers for the tremendous job you did on our kitchen.  Not forgotten is the suggestions you made early on which allowed us to incorporate all the elements we wanted in our kitchen.  Indeed, your vision was one of the reasons we hired Absolute Remodeling.

Our new kitchen has transformed the house and changed our lives.  Rather than being a room through which we ushered guests as quickly as possible, the kitchen is now a focal point of our home.

Thanks once again for your fine workmanship.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again and would highly recommend Absolute Remodeling to anyone."

- Tim & Karen Lenane, Yorktown, NY.  July 21, 2000.


"Sorry that it has taken us so long to get you this letter but we've been too busy enjoying our new basement.

The creativity and style that your design brought to this project has ensured that we now have a basement that we can enjoy for years to come.  We have received numerous compliments about the basement, in general, and specifically about the stunning stainless steel wet bar and the back lit glassblock wall.  Both you and your crew were extremely reliable and trustworthy and we felt extremely confident having your crew work in our home without our being present.

Although the job took longer than expected it was well worth the wait.  We could certainly recommend you to any of our friends and neighbors and will absolutely retain you again for future projects.  Thanks again."

- David & Jill Proskin, Cross River, NY. May 21, 2000


"I would just like to thank you and your crew for my wonderful new kitchen. I could not tell you how many compliments I have received from my family, friends and other people in my building. It has added a lot to the decor of my apartment."

- Michele Edelstein, White Plains, NY.  January 18, 2000.


"Just a note to complement you and your crew for a job well done.  My wife and I are very pleased with our basement.  The movie theatre, gym, office and bathroom you built have added another dimension to our lives.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your talented crew.  Your taste and sense of style brought an extra dimension to our project.

I hope to work with you again sometime soon!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Freedman, Harrison, NY.  December 28, 1999.


The reviews are in!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers] are saying about this web site!!!


"We wanted an experienced contractor that had the rare combination of good sense and good taste, and with Sylvain we got both.  Our home was built in 1922, so I wanted to achieve a certain look with a clawed foot tub, tumbled marble floor tile,  . . . the list goes on.   (I can be pretty particular -- just ask my husband.)  The workmanship throughout was excellent.

As with any major remodeling job in an older home, there were unforeseen circumstances, but Sylvain help us navigate them effectively.  As the jobs progressed, we could see the level of extra effort that the Absolute Remodeling team put in.  From beginning to end, I constantly asked Sylvain for his input, and he always offered helpful suggestions. He even referred me to certain
mail-order catalogs that carry accessories that are ideal for our new bathrooms.

Sylvain, Tisa, and the whole Absolute Remodeling crew, were a pleasure to deal with."

- Colette Coffman, Scarsdale, NY.   September 8, 1999.

"Perfection is an abstract term only to be strived for but never to be achieved.   Sylvain [and his crew] achieved it."

- Madeleine Gage, Mamaroneck, NY.  April 22, 1999.

"Everyone who sees our basement has the same comment: "wow! doesn't seem like a basement."   I think that about sums up the great job you and your crew did in transforming underground utility/storage space into a third floor of valuable and comfortable living space.  Thanks."

- Robert Ladd, Chappaqua, NY.  November 12, 1998.

"We are very pleased with the results and the workmanship.   Neighbors as well as our landscaping and painting contractors have given rave reviews !

We appreciate all you have done and look forward to our next project !"

- Devin Keane, Vista [Lewisboro], NY.  October 1998.

I found 'Absolute' through the Internet, and after checking some references, I contracted [them] to remodel my basement...  ...Sylvain and his men did a fine job on all counts!  I would not hesitate to recommend his company."

- Walter & Joan Conklin, Rye Brook, NY.  July 13, 1998.

"Dear Sylvain, I am writing to formally thank you for the outstanding work you did remodeling our bathroom.  We were impressed from day one when we observed the efforts you made to minimize the disruption to the rest of the house by isolating the work area with plastic and covering the rugs with paper.  Your attention to detail and professionalism throughout the process gave us great peace of mind.

The results of your efforts speak for themselves.  As my mother told you; "It looks like
something out of a magazine."  We couldn't be more satisfied with the work and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone interested in remodeling.   We look forward to working with you again on our next project.   Best regards,"

- Lillian and Louis Lustenberger, Pound Ridge, NY. June 18, 1998.

"...Our new basement and bathroom look great.  It is a fine job.  As we have worked with you in the past, we didn't expect anything less.   We look forward to working with you again this spring.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.  Thanks again for a job well done."

- Eddie & Peggy Wong, Bedford, NY.  January 28, 1998.

"...Thank you for doing such a wonderful job finishing my basement. took the time to share your design ideas and the plans that you submitted  were professionally prepared.  ...Your staff was extremely qualified.   ...made sure that everything was done to code.   ... a cold dark basement and transformed it into a bright, warm functional space.  The quality of your work far exceeded my expectations.  You are 'ABSOLUTELY' the best remodeler I have ever worked with.  My hat's off to you and your staff.  "

- Neil & Sue Figler, Lewisboro, NY.  February 22nd, 1998.

"I would like to thank you for the installation of our 16 foot sliding doors. We appreciate your attention to our concerns and are very happy with the results. We would definitely use Absolute Remodeling again. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would be glad to tell others of your professional attitude and the quality care and attention you put into our job. Again, thanks and we look forward to doing business with you in the future."

- Eddie and Peggy Wong, Bedford, NY.  September 1997.  E-mail:

"...Again, just like the prior job you did for us, everything came out really nice... the multilevel platform was a great idea...the privacy fence [around the exterior SPA] you designed and built is working just like you said it would: hiding the neighbors but not the scenery and the light...we just can't wait for the spring to do the tiling and the landscaping."

- Artemio & Alisa Rivera, Mohegan Lake, NY.  January 1997.

"All of us wanted to tell you how much we enjoy our new office kitchen. The finishes and the little details are what's important to us as a design studio. You and all your workers were very professional and did things the way I would, but better!  See you on our next project! 

    - Kerri or Walter, Satellite design, Spring St., New York.  December 12, 1996.

"...Special thanks to you for your design concepts. I now have the basement I wanted. is a high quality third level of our home. ...I can't help to feel that it will be great for resale too. In closing, I might add that your crew was especially polite and courteous. I always felt comfortable with them and their performance. I look forward to working  together in the near future."

- Jean Sheff,, Chappaqua, NY.  October 7, 1996.

"We we're extremely satisfied with the recent renovations consisting of an entire floor... Sylvain provided suggestion on our architect's initial draft which he [Sylvain] rendered on his laptop computer. We ended up using his drawings which provided better solutions. In short, his positive attitude contributed to a smooth renovation project and I enthusiastically recommend him."

- Bruno Cames,, New York, September 4, 1996.

"...he maintained a strong commitment to professionalism, quality and efficiency. The job was completed on time and at budget. I would, without reservation, recommend Absolute Remodeling to anyone looking to improve their home. So much so, that when I do my next home improvement project, my first and only call will be to Sylvain Côté."

- Lou Colasuonno, Ossining, NY.  March 4, 1996


The reviews are in!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers] are saying about this web site!!!


"...[the kitchen] exceeds our expectations. Your helpful suggestions and advice added a great deal to the success... the tile design and installation is truly a work of art.  I would heartily recommend Absolute Remodeling to our friends and family, and, in fact, already have."

- Dan & Paulette Sladkus, Yorktown Heights, NY.  September 1994.

"...your expert advice on design... could not have been better.  I have never worked with a contractor who took his time with us, like you did, so that we could truly make the right decisions.  Without your great ideas, guidance and patience the job [deck] would not have come out as fantastic as it did.  We are very grateful and will undoubtedly use you again..."

- Alisa Rivera, Mohegan Lake, NY.  August 1994.

"just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the work... the new bathroom is beautiful  and the Whirlpool is great."

- Jim & Marie White, Pound Ridge, NY.  June 1994.

"your design help was great, and your workmanship superior. The bathroom you just completed is really outstanding... received rave reviews from our recent house guests... You are to be commanded for your attention to details.  Please be advised that we would be pleased to have you show this wonderful piece of work to any prospective clients of yours."

- Joseph Caltagirone, Briarcliff Manor, NY.  May 1994.

" was comforting to have someone who could suggest several alterations that we never considered and your suggestions saved us a lot of time, money and aggravation... [finishing the attic] added great value to the house... the final product came out better than we even imagined."

- Dr. Frank A. Bosco, Pleasantville.  November 1993.

"he was extremely helpful in developing a beautiful and functional design... craftsmanship was impressive... surrounding area was left in immaculate condition... efficient... consistently professional quality... I look forward to our next opportunity to work together, which certainly seems inevitable."

- Tom Rosser, Croton  On Hudson, NY.   February 1992.

"...his devotion to explaining what needed to be done were only matched by the skills he brought to his work.  My neighbors not only stopped to compliment but hired Sylvain to fix theirs... he was involved in all phases - helping my wife with her dream [bathroom] design.  He made her wishes, at my budget ."

- Gene Tulchin,  New Rochelle, NY.   July 1991.


The reviews are in!   Read what the "Real Critics" [not customers, just browsers]
are saying about this web site!!!



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