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"in the future, green will be just another color."

- Thumb, October 2010   More Quotes Please!


"Have you ever heard of the 'Well Standard'? It's about comfort, nourishment, lighting and mindfulness. It's about focusing on people, not buildings; that the real role of a building is to keep us healthy, happy, safe and comfortable. Energy is just an input, a variable; the fact that a comfortable building will use a lot less of it is a happy coincidence." - Lloyd Alter, 12.29.15.

Award winning Absolute Green Homes, Inc. is a full service green design/build firm based in South Salem, a hamlet of the town of Lewisboro, New York.  Our company is one of the few "committed to 100% ENERGY STAR Homes Builders companies"  serving homeowners in Westchester County, New York. One of our latest project, The Beach House, not only received the official designation as a LEED Platinum Certified Home, but is also the recipient of Best Renovation Of The Year Award.

The company's modest beginning goes back to August 1988, and was registered in the Bronx by Sylvain Côté, who is still its president-owner to this day. The firm was renamed from Absolute Remodeling in 2010, simply to better reflect all of our services, which for over two decades now have been much more than just remodeling projects.

We handle a wide range of projects, including additions and new green homes, but still specialize in higher end interior renovations, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, as well as specialized items, i.e. custom built-ins, bars, wine cellars and furniture.

What makes us different, and why should you choose to work with us? All of our new building & renovation projects requires a well-thought design approach for each unique situation. We pride ourselves in being able to supply you with award-winning design services; we're a small, very creative and innovative team, consisting of designers, draftsmans and licensed engineers. Our architectural designs are drawn with CAD (Computer Assisted Design), which means you can visualize the entire project taking life in 3D coming to life before your eyes, in your own home.

But enough about us! Will we be a good match? Our unique detailed proposal consist of hundreds of line items, spread over a few dozen pages. Each line describes the scope of work, brand name, model, quantity and a price for that single item. Say goodbye to confusion, challenges and arguments often associated with the construction process! You'll know exactly where every single dollar is going. You'll know how many lights, switches, outlets, etc. This approach greatly facilitates the upgrades that will inevitably occur during construction. Yes, no matter how well planned your project is, change orders will unavoidably happen, fortunately greatly improving your project.

We believe that transparency is the foundation for a successful and exceptional experience, resulting in a superior construction project that is especially appreciated by those who had past renovation experience, the seasoned homeowner.

Last but not least, we all need better homes, not bigger ones!  We can make your home - any existing home - more comfortable, much healthier, definitely cheaper to maintain and operate, and with a little tweaking, even "bigger", without expanding!  We are Westchester's retrofitting specialist.

Our Showrooms

You can find our showrooms just about everywhere in Westchester, NY  - We consider our completed projects our 'Working Showroom' and our clients our 'Best Salespeople'.  Here's how and why:

What we call a Working Showroom is an actual, functional project that has been built around existing conditions, restrictions, obstructions and finally budgets, as opposed to showrooms found in a retailer’s display where the only limitation is the designer’s imagination and the budget!

To get a glimpse of some of these Working Showrooms, browse our award winning website (Our website turned 20 years old January 2017!).  Our site showcases our projects and offers green tips and a wealth of industry news as well.  You can also find references from the company's biggest fans - it's clients.  And finally, you can read reviews from neutral parties, the press.

Whatever project you're contemplating, you're sure to find the solution you are looking for right here, with us.
- And by the way, we want your project to be our newest showroom, and you to become our newest salesperson!


We firmly believe in continuous education, and every year we do attend trade shows, conferences, seminars and training classes all over the country.
The following is only a partial list of such.

Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Class, by HGAR,
White Plains, NY, May 2014.

International Builders Show, by NAHB,
Orlando, FL, Jan. 2012.

Remodelers Show, by Hanley Wood,
Chicago, IL, October 2011.

International Builders Show, by NAHB,
Orlando, FL, Jan. 2011.

BPI "Designing, Constructing, & Retrofitting Low Energy Buildings: Tools Techniques & Technologies"
Presented by John F. Straube, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Of Building Science Corp,
Tarrytown, NY, December 9th. 2010.

EPA Certified Renovator
as required by federal law
effective April 22, 2010.
Ridgefield, CT, April, 2010.

GreenBuild, the world's largest
conference and expo
dedicated to green building,
by the U.S. Green Building Council,
Phoenix AZ, Nov. 2009.

Green Workforce Conference - by  BPCA.,
Tarrytown, NY, Oct. 2009.

Green Building Conference, by NAHB,
New Orleans, LA, May 2008.

Green Building Conference,
St Louis, MO, March 2007.

International Builders Show, by NAHB,
Orlando, FL, Jan. 2006.

National Green Building Conference,
Atlanta, GA, March 2005.

Remodelers Show, by Hanley Wood,
Baltimore, MD, October 2005.

Viega Radiant Heat Classes,
Bedford, MA, Sept. 2005.

Building Performance Institute classes,
New York, NY, June 2005.

National Green Building Conference,
Austin, TX, March 2004.

Here are just a few samples of those certificates and just a few noteworthy associations and trades we belong to:









"in the future, green will be just another color."  More Quotes Please! 


Absolute Green Homes, Inc.
South Salem, NY 10590

Westchester License: WC-23378-H10


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